Why every traveling golfer should have an AirTag in their golf bag

Why every traveling golfer should have an AirTag in their golf bag

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If you take your golf clubs with you when you travel, or you travel specifically to play golf, then you know it's not a particularly great experience to fly with golf clubs.

First, you typically have to pay for your golf clubs to get on the plane -- whether that's up front (Southwest and similar airlines) or as an add-on (the legacy carriers).

Then, you have to hope that your bag makes it to your destination. Once it gets there, then you're often looking for your golf bag in a completely different place than the baggage carousel where you'll pick up the rest of your luggage. The delay in getting your luggage and your golf bag is often significant and worrying, leaving you to wonder if only a portion of your precious cargo got to its final destination. This is especially true if you're traveling outside of your home country.

In the last year or so, I've figured out that Apple AirTags offer a tremendous peace of mind for me as I travel with my golf clubs, and I think every golfer should have one (or a similar tag) in their golf bag.

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Apple AirTags are really easy to use -- provided you have an Apple device like an iPhone or iPad. You buy one, and then you connect it to the Apple device of your choice. It's as simple as can be. You can name the AirTag and give it an avatar that makes it easy to track on the Find My app. Then you just drop the Air Tag in your golf bag or travel golf bag before you get the bag to the baggage check. You'll then be able to check in on its location on the Find My app.

Once you get to the ground or to your final destination, you can track the location of your bag with the AirTag. You'll know right away if your bag made it and, if needed, can see it moving through the airport -- which can help if you have to find an oversized bag area.

For just $29, you're going to get a ton of utility out of it. You can even keep it your golf bag if you're looking to keep your bags at a resort that might have a history of not being great with luggage.

There are also apparently accessory products that allow you to strap on an AirTag to your laser rangefinder, which is such a common thing to lose that it makes sense to have an AirTag just for that.

If you're an Android user, then you don't have an alternative -- yet, at least. Google is working on its own version of an AirTag, and hopefully that's coming out soon.


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